Other Committees

Local Organizing Committee

Frida Warg

Managing Director, WABF

Magnus Loftsson

Chair of WABF Scientific Committee, Head of Research Friends

Lovisa Lönnebo

Head of Market and Communications Friends

Trygve Beyer-Olsen

Partnership Against Bullying Norway, Political Adviser Skollederforbundet

Communications Team

Lovisa Lönnebo

Head of Market and Communications Friends

Sophie Wesslau

Team Lead & Webmaster

Paola Lindahl Voight

Web Manager

Jennifer Söderlund

Social Media and photography

Naod Abera

Press Officer

Marie Ahlén

Online Course Producer


Scientific Reviewers

This committeee is under construction and will be announced as soon as possible.


Advisory Board

Jacob Flärdh

Board of Directors Friends, Secretary General Child 10, Former Chair of WABF Scientific Committee

Prof. James O’Higgins Norman

Dublin City University, Director ABC (The National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre), UNESCO Chair on Tackling Bullying in Schools and Cyberspace. Organizer of WABF 2019.

Lisen Bergquist

Head of Communications, Fundraising and Partnership at 1825 – Terapicenter för unga vuxna, Former Managing Director WABF