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– Do I need a visa to travel to Sweden?

Non-EU citizens might need a visa to visit Sweden. Please check entry requirements.
Swedish Migration Agency official website

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General Questions

– Can I pay cash or with credit card?
Most stores handle cash but it is more common to pay by credit card today. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops. It is advisable to carry an identity card or other form of photo identification. The official currency is Swedish Krona (SEK).

If you still need cash there are many ATM machines available in central Stockholm. For money exchange, the companies “Forex” and “X-change” have offices at the airports and in the city. For opening hours and other information about exchange services please visit Forex website. There are many ATM machines available in central Stockholm.

– Where do I find the “Venue”?
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– Can I drink the tap water?
The drinking water quality in Stockholm is of high and consistent quality, which means that you can drink it directly from the tap.

– What electricity power is used in Sweden?
Electrical current in Sweden is 220 V/50 Hz. Round, European-style two-pin plugs are used. Appliances designed to operate on 110/120 Volts need a voltage converter and a plug adapter.

– What time zone is it in Sweden?
The time zone in Stockholm is GMT + 1 hour. Daylight Saving Time is used during the summer.

– What smoking policy is there in Sweden?
Sweden has a non-smoking policy, i.e. smoking is prohibited in public buildings, public transport, restaurants, taxis, buses and trains.

– Am I expected to leave a tip?
A gratuity is included in the price of hotels and taxis. It is common to leave a tip of around 10%. However, when visiting restaurants, you can show your appreciation for good service by leaving a little extra.

– Where can I find tourist information in Stockholm?
Stockholm Visitor Center is located at Kulturhuset, Sergels Torg 3-5. For more information and contact, please see visit their homepage.
Stockholm Visitor Center

– Can I get a VAT Refund?
Swedish VAT, currently between 6% and 25% may be repaid to foreign enterprises, except banks and insurance companies, or companies providing health care or education.

Information regarding Covid-19

The World Anti-Bullying Forum 2021 organization is planning to host a hybrid (physical and digital) conference in Stockholm 2021. In the light of the continued uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 situation we are closely following the development.
The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our topmost priority.

To keep up to date with the latest information on Covid-19 please visit: