Riddhi & Vasundhara Oswal

Keynote session by Riddhi & Vasundhara Oswal from the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2021 in Stockholm.

This keynote shares of the personal experiences that prompted the creation of the #StopTheB global initiative and movement and details the reasons why youth are the most powerful catalysts for positive change when it comes to addressing bullying and cyberbullying. We will also share lessons learned in our efforts to motivate meaningful action when it’s so easy sometimes to just stand by. Attendees can then leverage what we have uncovered to intentionally equip, support, and mobilize the youth under their care.

Riddhi & Vasundhara Oswal are founders of #StopTheB a global movement for young people, by young people that are seeking to empower people to become ‘active bystanders’ by removing the stigma associated with speaking out and reporting bullying.