Julie Inman Grant

Keynote session from the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2021 in Stockholm by Julie Inman Grant.

Keeping Children Safer in their Digital Playgrounds.

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant will focus on the Australian experience of online abuse and cyber bullying. Ms Inman Grant will focus on the unique role of eSafety and the citizen focused services that the eSafety office provides all Australians and the new Online Safety Act 2021 which will introduce novel powers for the eSafety Office. She will assess the voice of all Australians who experience cyber bullying – from children to seniors and minority groups, with a focus on their experiences and the role that governments have in protecting their citizens online. Ms Inman Grant will explore the trends, challenges, and best practices to change the conversation about online abuse and how we all have a role in changing behaviour.