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The host for WABF 2023 has been selected.

Keynote speakers WABF 2021

Abstract book 2021

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Research Opportunity

The Bullying Research Network and the World Anti-Bullying Forum are seeking international researchers interested in collaborating on a study examining teacher responses to peer conflict and bullying across the globe. Given that bullying typically first occurs in the school context, teachers play a critical role in addressing and solving the problem. Extending our understanding of […]

Why we need to act

Bullying is a global problem. By sharing knowledge and experiences we can create a safer world for children and young people.

Quotes from the forum

"A wide range of ideas and approaches was represented. There were also plenty of opportunities for networking with other delegates and presenters."

Participant, WABF 2021

”The opportunity to immerse myself in a supportive, collaborative climate of researchers and practitioners who share a common goal. I feel so motivated to work harder on the cause of reducing bullying."

Participant, WABF 2019

”The differing approaches to the same problem provide a considerable amount of insight. One or two of the presentations were nothing short of mind-blowing.”

Participant, WABF 2017