Open Call for Hosting World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023

Do you want to host WABF 2023?

The World Anti-Bullying Forum is on a quest, bridging the research–practice gap to end bullying among and against children. This is an open call for hosting the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023. The World Anti-Bullying Forum is a biannual forum for researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the work against bullying. To end violence against and between children in accordance with the UN’s sustainable development goals, the Swedish NGO Friends initiated the World Anti-Bullying Forum in 2017. We believe that the best way to end bullying is by sharing the knowledge and experience we all have. The World Anti-Bullying Forum creates conditions for dialogue and to learn from each other.

The World Anti-Bullying Forum is an international and multidisciplinary forum whose purpose is to broaden our understanding of bullying, harassment, discrimination, ostracism, and other forms of violence among and against children and youth. The forum is a setting for multidisciplinary and cross-level dialogues, panels and meetings aimed at improving our understanding of bullying in all settings where children spend time and the efforts to stop and prevent it.

The World Anti-Bullying Forum headquarters at Friends will be responsible for appointing the WABF 2023 Scientific Committee together with the host and working closely together with the host on content, marketing and the abstract review process. The Chair of the Scientific Committee is the Head of research and Development at Friends. The host will be responsible for the budget of the three-day long forum, setting aside a 10 percent fee in the budget for the World Anti-Bullying Forum headquarters costs. The applicant needs to appoint a local Project Manager for running the conference.

The prior forums have had 500-700 participants, spanning over three days and accepting 150-300 abstracts. If being elected host for the World Anti-Bullying Forum in 2023, the applicant will be responsible for organizing local/regional and/or digital events leading up to the forum.

The following requirements must be fulfilled for an organization/institution to be eligible to be considered as host:

  • Be a legal entity and not a person.
  • Have an active strategy for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and long-term sustainability.
  • Follow the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the UN Declaration on human rights and the ILO conventions on child labour, employee health, safety, wages, benefits, working hours, working conditions, discrimination and disciplinary action in the countries in which the company is located.

Please submit your proposal to If shortlisted interviews will take place in January and the host will be announced in February 2022.

Please include:

  • A presentation of your organization/institution
  • General ideas on the forum
  • An overview of the budget (including personnel costs)
  • Potential partnerships (both pro-bono and sponsors/gifts)
  • Suggestion on venue
  • An overview on communication activities